Ministry Staff

  • Sarah & DaRon Ackerson

    Sarah and DaRon currently lead our Music Ministry at CAC, with a sincere passion to see the church grow, putting in countless hours with the Music team.
  • Mandy & Jeremy O'Bannon

    Recently apointed to be CAC's Outreach Coordinator, Mandy & Jeremy O'Bannon have accepted the task of leading the effort to grow our church and community.
  • Kathy & David Abdalla

    Kathy has 40+ years instruction through bus ministry and teaching Sunday School in various departments and age groups, and David is our Financial Director.
  • Jordan & Josh Ray

    Josh Ray, currently serves CAC as our New Building Coordinator and Head of Media at CAC, Josh, recently married Jordan Ray and has 3 amazing, smart kids.
  • Spanish Ministry

    Bro Lorenzo and his wife, currently head up our Spanish Ministry that takes place on Saturday night's at 7PM at Cornerstone Apostolic Church.
  • Stacey Coppinger McBee

    In 2015, Stacey McBee was appointed as the Prayer Coordinator for CAC, coordinating Prayer meetings, Ladies of Zion, Prayer Chains, and more.
  • Eunice Rodriguez

    Eunice Rodriquez for the past several years has served as the Ladies Ministry Leader, planning events, fundraisers and heading up all the logistics.
  • Austen Roberts

    Austen is our resident website, design and social media guru, with over 9 years of experience in the field, Austen has taken on the task of taking CAC and bringing it to the modern style.