21 Days of Dedication

21 Days of Dedication 2022

Day #3

Psalm 97:6 The heavens declare his righteousness, And all the people see his glory.

The vast expanse of the heavens. Blue sky, clouds that move in no certain pattern, the colors and the immensity of the open space. We can all attest that the reality is somewhat overwhelming. As great as it is and as challenging as it is to grasp… all of that space is occupied by our God.

His mere existence fills all space and pushes into the gaps and valleys. God… great and glorious. God… all knowing and all seeing. God… listens and hears all communications and desires to be involved in all transactions of humanity. Yet as humans we can fail to recognize just how wonderful He is, the wide open space above us and all that surrounds us screams of His righteousness. Our God is truly amazing and awesome.

Each one of those who will simply look up, look to the side, seek in all directions… will discover His true presence. His glory is revealed to the one that searches for Him. In this time of dedication and cleansing, I admonish all of us to simply “look” for God. Peek through the doubt and the cloudy images that the world is painting before you. Press beyond the clutter and search for the greatness of our God. Give Him the space in your mind and in your heart. If He truly occupies all of the heavens… then let Him into your space.

As your quiet time with Him progresses in this twenty one days, allow His power and might to unfold within your space. Make that your prayer today… “Lord, let me see your glory”. Remember to write in your journal about your time with Him. Make notes. Listen quietly. Pursue Him. His voice still speaks and He is in all space.

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