21 Days of Dedication

21 Days of Dedication

Day #16

Proverbs 16:3 Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established.

We are what we think. We think like we are. If we are happy, we think happy thoughts. If we are sad, we think sad thoughts. A simple yet sure way to test the attitude of a man. How does he or she interact with what life is throwing at them? Are they always in a bad mode or do they look for positive connections with others? The lessons we learn in our lives when it comes to dealing with people has taught us to decide rather quickly if we want to be around someone or not… all determined by their actions and demeanor in life.

The waist author wrote in the Proverbs with words of supreme wisdom. He says to give all of what you do unto the Lord. Your labor. Your activities. Who you hang out with. Where you go. All of your day to day goings should be offered unto the Lord. In so doing you can with assurance know that your thoughts will be secure. Doubts and fears can slip away.

I challenge each of us to make it a habit to commit all that we do unto the Lord each day. In your journal today make certain that you recall what you did for the past days and weeks and give them to the Lord. In so writing those tings you can easily see the blessings of God unfold in your life. Calm and peace will become your friend. Enjoy the day in Jesus!

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