21 Days of Dedication

21 Days of Dedication

Day #18

Ecclesiastes 11:1 Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days.

So much need in our world. Our media has a way of painting a picture of the neglected and the faint of heart in any society. Starving children in a land far away or even in our own backyard. Families with desperate needs and problems that appear to be so far fetched. Problems no one wants. Events that seem hopeless and tragic. Yet as you look into the eyes of those in a bad place, it can seem as if what little one person could do is overshadowed by the enormous lack.

It can cause a child of God to pray and with a heavy heart to even attempt to fill the void. Challenging to say the least. But we bind our prayers with others who feel the same way in hopes that God will hear and send an answer to that one in need. A noble deed. Thoughtful and appreciated.

Could it be that what the writer was meaning with this particular phrase had nothing to really do with how little a person has. Might it really mean that if we truly trust God for all things, then when we look into the vastness of the shifting waters of life. When we encounter the waves and we are tossed with the issues. Just maybe we should trust that what God wants is for us to really follow Him even when we give a small token to assist in a need. Give it with a heart of charity, love, and see the return when we least expect it.

Today, take time to write about the returns you have received from your efforts through the years. Remind yourself of the unfailing provision of God. Open your hand and give. Open your heart and love. Open your spirit to see just what God can do. It will come back to you in the right time. Expect it!

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